Introduction to the 4th Pan Asian Biomedical Science Conference | Danang | 5-7/12/2018

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and Program Committee, I welcome you to the Fourth Pan Asian Biomedical Science Conference. The theme of this conference − "Biomedicine in the 21st Century: Asia-Pacific Insights" − is meant to highlight important work done by members of the ASIA International Biomedical Science Consortium. The conference is also aimed at raising the global awareness of the importance of biomedical research in health care and clinical practice.

The Program Committee has worked hard over the past six months to formulate a diverse and stimulating scientific program that attempts to encapsulate recent developments in the world of biomedical science. The genomic revolution poses significant challenges for data analytics that have attracted a lot of best minds in the Asia-Pacific region. In Asia, traditional medicine has been an active area of research using latest advances in medical devices and biotechnology. Therefore, key themes in the conference include translational medicine, personalized medicine, risk assessment, medical device, high-throughput data, and traditional medicine.

The scientific program includes 23 invited lectures, 29 plenary and oral presentations, and 63 poster presentations, with contributions from internationally renowned experts from across the biomedical science in Asia Pacific region. We are fortunate to have speakers from Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, Israel and Vietnam. Regardless of wheher you are a scientist, clinician, professional, administrator, or student, this conference provides an important opportunity for you to interact with prominent colleagues in the region.

I am sure that over the next three days you will have plenty of opportunities to network and discuss science and medicine. I trust that you will find new opportunities, and build collaborations and contacts with international colleagues. Apart from networking, your own contribution to the conference is critical to its success. I strongly encourage you to actively participate in the conference by asking questions, viewing posters, and contributing to the lively discussion that characterizes a scientific meeting.

I wish to thank many staff of the School of Medicine (University of Danang), under the leadership of A/Professor Chan Nguyen, who have tirelessly worked behind the scences to ensure the smooth running of the conference. They are real heroes of the conference, and without their help the conference would not have been possible.

Most importantly, I sincerely thank our sponsors and exhibitors for their generous support and participation in the conference. I encourage all of you to visit their displays and to meet our partners.

I wish you all a delightful and stimulating time in Danang!

Professor Tuan V. Nguyen

Chair, Program Committee

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