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Problem of reference range for the diagnosis of osteoporosis in Asians

Use of NHANES III reference range for bone mineral density (BMD) can result in an overdiagnosis of osteoporosis in Asians The diagnosis of osteoporosis is operationally based on a measurement of bone mineral density (BMD), preferably at the femoral neck or total hip. According to WHO's recommendation, osteoporosis is defined as a BMD T-score of -2.5 or lower a the femoral neck (1). This threshold of -2.5 was actually a compromise of prevalence, clinical association and subjectivity (eg "we know it is true" versus "we know it is not true"); it was chosen so that the prevalence of osteoporosis is equivalent to the lifetime risk of fracture among Caucasian women which is about 30% (2). Peak bon

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