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China declared world’s largest producer of scientific articles

source: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-00927-4 Jeff Tollefson For the first time, China has overtaken the United States in terms of the total number of science publications, according to statistics compiled by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). The agency’s report, released on 18 January, documents the United States’ increasing competition from China and other developing countries that are stepping up their investments in science and technology. Nonetheless, the report suggests that the United States remains a scientific powerhouse, pumping out high-profile research, attracting international students and translating science into valuable intellectual property. “The US cont

How can genes help GPs in the assessment of fracture risk?

More than 100 genes have been discovered to be associated with osteoporosis and bone fracture. Although the effects of individual genes are relatively small, their effects en mass in the form of a "genetic signature" can help in the personalised assessment of fracture risk. Bone fracture is a serious consequence of osteoporosis. The lifetime risk of a hip fracture for 50-year old women is about 15%, which is equivalent to that of invasive breast cancer. Almost 20% of patients with a hip fracture die within 12 months after the event. However, it is not just hip fractures that impose a great mortality and morbidity burden on both patients and the society; non-hip fractures are also associated

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